5k Training Plan for Beginners

If you are able to walk for 5 minutes, you will be able to run a 5k in just a little over 2 months’ time. In this training plan, you will find a 9-week program to go from square one to completing your goal 5k race with just 3 workouts per week. We will tell you how long or how far you need to go. We will also provide you the specific days to go out for your running workouts.  You do not need any running experience as a runner to be successful. Whether this is your first 5k or your return to running after a Hiatus, you are sure to get moving and crushing the 5k distance in no time. Find the full plan here. 


10k Training Plan for Beginners

By following this plan, you will ensure that you can complete the 10k/6.2 mile distance in just 8 weeks. Similar to the 5k training plan that can also be found in United in Stride’s training resource page, you will be able to crush your goal 10k in 2 months’ time. The only prerequisite for this plan is that you are able to run for 2 miles. If you are just getting started as a runner, we would encourage you to check out the 5k plan mentioned above. This training schedule will incorporate 2 rest days and an optional cross-training day. Cross training can include swimming, elliptical, stationary bike or other exercises that limit impact. Find the full plan here. 


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